Over the past decade, research has brought to light the significant benefits of signing with infants (hearing or deaf). Infants who learn sign language may have a higher IQ, an increased spoken vocabulary, improved communication skills, and improved reading skills.

Two-way communication through signs will aid with parent-infant bonding and lessen infant/toddler (and parent) frustration because children are able to express their needs and feelings months before they can speak. The reason for this is physiological: infant’s motor skills develop before their verbal skills.

Classes are informative and entertaining. You will learn signs that are relative to everyday interactions between parents and infants allowing for multiple teaching opportunities.

The signs for:

MOTHER                                                        FATHER

Classes  Forming  Now !!

                       Orientation (1 hour)  : $15 per adult

Package (Orientation plus 4 hour-long classes) :  $75 per person                 



* Prices subject to change at any time.


Please feel free to contact Christie for any updates or if you have any questions!



Materials such as DVD’s, CD’s, books, and flash cards will help you continue to reinforce the signs you learn in any class at home. The materials are an additional cost, but are offered to students at a discount, and purchase of materials is not required to attend the classes.